Your proof of product authenticity

A pioneer of timeless design and enduring quality products, America’s oldest luxury lifestyle brand Mark Cross is now pioneering digital innovation in the luxury accessory world. Partnering with TrueTwins, Mark Cross is creating a digital identity for all their products in the form of a Product Digital Passport. The TrueTwin’s Digital Passport will give you unparalleled convenience to access authenticity certification and warranty, prove ownership, as well as gain transparency into the design and making of Mark Cross’ pieces.

If you have purchased a Mark Cross product since Fall 2020, you should already have your Digital Passport activated.

If you are not sure how to activate your Digital Passport or if you’d like to enable Digital Passport for your Fall 2020 pieces, a Mark Cross-TrueTwins concierge will give you a call to help set up.

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Where can I claim and access my Digital Passport?

The Digital Passport technology is embedded with every Mark Cross product from Fall 2020. You can access your TrueTwins Digital Passport in one of the following 3 ways:

1. If you purchased your Mark Cross piece through Mark Cross Flagship Store in New York or the Mark Cross eCommerce Site, your Digital Passport is already assigned to you via the email or phone number provided in the process. Simply sign in to your Mark Cross Wallet to claim your product.

2. If you have an existing Mark Cross product purchased before Fall 2020, and would like us to issue a digital passport for your piece, we can help here

3. If you have more than one Mark Cross product, and would like us to issue digital passports for all of them and put it in a consolidated Passport Wallet, we can help here